In times where we seem to live off digital content, does poster design still have a place? La LinternaLa Linterna, an authentic Cali printing workshop, proves that it does.

La Linterna started as a local newspaper in the 1950s and survived the crisis due to the joint venture with artists and designers. La Linterna shows that the street poster has an artistic value and is worth a space in the home of anyone.


More than 130 years old screen printers run one of a kind posters. You smell the inks and can see all molds are still being made by hand.
La Linterna upgraded one of its rooms as a shop and exhibition space where any curious visitor can take a look at their work.

Best thing

Since 2017 they have launched special collections in limited numbers which are real collectibles. Amongst them a tribute to famous salsa singers, the cinema of the 80 ́s and famous soccer players. Get yours before they run out!

Recommended for

An urban and one of a kind souvenir from Cali. Next to posters you can find calendars, stickers, shirts and notebooks. All with the old school feeling of their old printing presses. Poster prices vary depending on size but start at 20.000 COP