Santiago de Cali

Santiago de Cali, also known as the Captital of Salsa, “la Sucursal del Cielo” or “la Sultana del Valle”, the Capital of the department Valle del Cauca is visited a lot less tan other parts in Colombia. And why should you visit Santiago de Cali? A lot of people who visit Colombia, skip this vibrant and real city in the south east. What else is there to do than dance salsa? Well, a lot!! You are definitely missing out if you skip this authentic city. Even-though sometimes it is a bit difficult to find what to do, give the city some time and it will surprise you.

It is a hotspot for dancers, the ciy breathes Salsa. Because of its unique style of salsa dancing people from all over the world come her to learn it. It is definitely worth while to check out some of its hot and sweaty but swinging clubs, but it has a lot more to offer. The problem is that it is not always easy to find it and to get there, but it is a place where you can experience the real Colombia!

It is situated in a beautiful valley with in the east the beautiful national park “Las Hermosas” and on the west the national park “Los Farallones”. Which makes it a great place for hiking and some extreme sports. In the valley they mainly grow sugarcane, but in mountains around it they grow a lot of coffee as well. It is a very bio-diverse region, with more than 800 species of birds.

Next to this you can say that Cali is the doorway to the Colombian Pacific. The Afro-Colombian, region of this country, with its own culture, food, music and dance. This is another beautiful part of Colombia that just is opening up for tourism and is easy accessible through Cali. This region brings traditional almost African sounding music and dance to the city but as well delicious food. Cali has an delicious kitchen, with the traditional sancocho and tamales, but as well amazing seafood prepared with a wide variety of herbs. You can find the most amazing amount of delicious exotic fruits.

So do yourself a favor and don’t skip this amazing, lively and real city. Come and feel the salsa, enjoy the food, meet some amazingly friendly people, enjoy its nature and have a blast of a time.